Sunday, July 31, 2016
  • Enhancing Environment

    Installing a Cellutank on your property enhances our environment by providing efficient stormwater management, while also being unseen.

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    Underground water storage systems can be built to any shape or size. The modules are made from recycled plastic that is strong enough to drive your car over.

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Are you water Savvy?

Is your garden green?

With an underground rain water tank collecting system, you can save water, preserve the look of your gardens and lawns using the services of our landscapers and keep sporting grounds in use all year round.

  • Tanks of all sizes: Ultimate size control
    Tank sizes start at 10,000 litres and can be as big as you want ......... even up to 5 million litres.
  • Super Tough: install anywhere with confidence
    Water tank strength can be built up to 23 tonne per square metre for residential sites and up to 40 tonne per square metre for commercial sites so driving a truck over it won't damage it in any way!

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